Keep our memories of our pets

Our Pet

A Member Of Our Family, A Part Of Our Daily Life…Pet Image Engraved Jewelry

Our pets play an important role in our lives and Pet Photo Engraved Pendants let you take that silly image, that heartwarming scene, that candid of you and your pet and capture it on the front of a photo engraved pendant. Ideal for those that have a pet still trotting along beside them or for those that have had to say goodbye to a pet that they loved.

Each Pet Photo Engraved keychain or necklace and the bracelet is created from stainless steel and we offer finishes galore! Silver polished steel finishes and gold and rose gold finishes in a wide assortment of pet shapes and styles help you to honor those fur babies that are close to your hearts.

Remember Our Pet

Each Pet Photo Engraved keychain or necklace and the bracelet, which means that you can honor your pet that has passed, All of our pet photo engraved pendants can be laser engraved with a photo and have additional text engraved onto the back of the pendant. easy to read instructions and a small screwdriver to complete your memorial Presented in style with a velvet jeweler’s box and a white premium presentation box.

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